It took me four months to convince my husband to not whine about the space it'll take up, and two months of research, and a day of snow, but IT'S HERE! My sewing machine is here! Suck it, people who will be hitting up clubs and fancy restaurants and having sex with strangers this weekend. I'M GOING TO BE CRAFTING.

The Gawker Art Blog

We've decided to kick off a new subkinja blog dedicated to the artwork we create here at Gawker Media. A lot of the content you'll find will be shared posts from around the network with images the art team has created, curated into one place. Occasionally, we'll post something else we just like. Maybe we'll post…

Good to bring that up- Today I was at a panel where an Indian immigrant to the U.S. was giving a lecture on human rights from an anthropological standpoint- That it was already scary enough to always have to learn to assimilate (not just integrate) to Western culture, and how she wished that sometimes Westerners would…