I am not sure when you know something is finished, but in this case, I'm stopping. I've been working on this quilt since Christmas and I've been hand-quilting for over a month now—and I could probably keep on finding more quilting to do, but I think I'm going to stop.

This quilt is made of a lot of japanese and european taupe fabrics—with a little linen and quilters cottons mixed in. I hand-dyed the bits of citron color to give it a little punch of color.

I have some straggler threads to clip and basting threads to remove, then I want to wash it to make it all crinkly. I'm a little nervous of washing it because these fabrics are very ravelly —so I may do that by hand and just pop it in the dryer afterward.

Glad to be done! Now on to the next thing—I need something simple —my hands and wristing are sore from hand-quilting and on my right hand all my nails are wrecked from pushing the needle—I can't stand to work with a thimble.

I have two possible next projects to move on to—one is a fan quilt made out of a collection of William Morris reproduction fabrics that I've been collecting for a long time—I have 60+ fan blocks made —they just need the little 1/4 circle thing in the center applique'd and it would be ready to assemble and quilt. I think I might have finally found the right fabric for the centers, so that's one option.


OR I have been collecting some voile and lawn fabrics and I want to make a super light weight summer quilt —very simple—just stripes of the different print fabrics with a few solid fabrics mixed in. I want to use a layer of flannel instead of batting so it is very light and think to sleep under in warm weather.

I'll probably mess around with things this weekend and get going on something—I always need a project.