How can I get the best result from embossing accessories?

I have access to a die-cut and embossing machine and have some questions for y'all. These images are the results of testing some 20 pound bond (75 g/m2) paper using a wood pattern embossing folder. (An embossing folder is a piece of plastic with positive and negative plates that you insert a sheet of paper or foil between them which is then pressed under a heavy duty metal roller.)

This is a sheet of single ply paper which is heavily distressed and damaged, is this a useful effect?

This is one half of the folded two ply paper and there is a uniform distressing of the paper fibers on each side.


This is one sheet of the three ply embossing test and the other two are also torn, I tried a single sheet of 80 pound bond card stock and it doesn't do well in these folders.


  1. Should I use forty pound bond card stock to achieve the desired result in the second photograph?
  2. Are these embossing folders supposed to always rend paper fibers of differently weighted paper bonds or gently pull them apart as seen in the two ply example photograph?
  3. What advice & experience can you all offer when using these embossing folders with different materials?
  4. Is there high quality sturdy vellum that will evenly deform when using these embossing folders instead of being rent?