All paint really, bold colors, textured and what I call "Fun Paint".

Fun Paints are paints like magnetic, chalkboard and crackle paints.

When Hubby and I moved into our home every single wall was covered in brown paneling, it looked like a doctor's waiting room from 1979 and it depressed me to no end so Hubby and I embraced color and texture and more recently Fun Paint.


We had a built in bar that we never used so Hubby ripped it out (I adore being married to a carpenter) and we made a little breakfast nook. Just recently we painted the walls in both magnetic and chalkboard paint.

As you can see it's not finished just yet. Hubby will be framing the chalkboard in white and I will decoupage the outlet cover, probably with something like this.

The magnetic paint (the yellow side) took 7 coats of the magnetic primer and two coats of yellow. Magnetic paint is not going to hold magnets as well as solid metal so you'll want to invest in some neodymium magnets, I bought some raw ones that I will be crafting into prettier magnets but for now I found these on Amazon.


The chalkboard was primed with two coats of regular primer and three coats chalkboard paint. It's not as easy to erase as a regular chalkboard, a bit or water is needed but overall I'm happy with it and my daughter loves it.


I'm also happy that my pictures and such aren't stuck up with tape anymore.


A few years back we painted our built in china cabinet in a crackle finish. As you can see from the inside it was super ugly before.

Do you use paint in a fun way??

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