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Okay, so this will be the third time I try to write this post, because kinja hates me.


I made this purse as my first project of the year. It's made out of a marine vinyl I bought as a remnant from Joann's and lined with some quilting cotton. The reverse applique is made from a scrap of a men's suitcoat (I used some thrifted men's suits a few years ago to make scarves as Christmas gifts) and a bit of brown velveteen I got...somewhere?

Anyway, it's the first thing I've made that turned out EXACTLY how I pictured in my head, until I accidentally went off the edge of the press cloth when fusing on the face (I play kinda fast and loose with my iron) and melted a bit of the vinyl. But you can't even tell, so it's all good!


What projects are you most proud of?

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